Dying Fetus, In Utero Cannibalism, Progress Of Inhumanity // An Club, Athens, Greece // 09.06.2015

Tuesday night. A lovely night to get to a death metal concert. Even if you do not have much knowledge of the bands playing. I mean I’ve heard DYING FETUS, I’ve listened to them but I wasn’t much of a fan. “Pathetic little worm” could someone say and he/she couldn’t be more right. I am and I’m ashamed of it.

Little after 8:30 PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY took their places on stage. For about half an hour they delivered us their grind with great passion. And although I’m not much fan about that particular kind of sound I admit they were rather energetic and so in to what they do, that eventually made me headbang. A very good performance by all of them but I will give one more credit to their singer. Screaming and growling without ending I was staring at him and wondering what the hell is going on with his throat. Not a bad appetizer.

IN UTERO CANNIBALISM hit the stage around 9:30. For almost an hour they raped (in a good way) our ears and our necks with their huge death metal. And although the band has new members on the guitar and bass they sure make already a good whole. American death metal with Deicide-like vocals. Not bad at all. They also played 2 unreleased songs something most welcomed by the audience. Surely a good intro for the main band.

Imagine a humongous track coming your way and it hits you with all its’ speed. Well something like that happened to me that night with DYING FETUS. Incredible sound and a tremendous performance. For an hour they made us brake our necks and staring at them like dorks. Especially that “octopus” Trey Williams. Damn he is a monster!! Moshpits, stagediving and headbanging are something usual and they didn’t lack here for sure. The band played non-stop with only some seconds between songs. They were really like machines. “Grotesque Impalement” and “Your Treachery Will Die With You” are some of the songs that abused our necks. But the hour passed and the time for the last song had come…”Praise The Lord”. Chaos and mayhem….only that way I can describe it!!

After such a live I need a medical collar for my neck that’s a fact. And some more I think for sure. A full energetic night with 2 good similar bands and an amazing headline performance by Dying Fetus. Only Death Is Real!!