Arch Enemy is one of the first bands with brutal vocals that I have ever heard when I started listening to metal music. As a fan both of Swedish metal and Arch Enemy furthermore, every new album of Michael’s Amott band is a challenge for me.

Two years left since Doomsday Machine and now the Swedish deathsters are back with a new release called Rise Of The Tyrant. At this album, the original guitarist of the band Christopher Amott is back as a fulltime member. Now let’s talk about the album. What can I say? Melodic, extreme and full of atmosphere as fuck! If you liked Doomsday Machine then Rise Of The Tyrant is going to burn your mind! Now the band looks more mature about what they do. The guitar sections are extremely perfect with great solos, lethal riffs and awesome rhythm sections as well. Angela’s vocals is extreme and great as always and exactly as the fans wants to be. It’s really difficult to talk about highlights because the album is perfect in total! The “Vulture” song has a great melodic beginning and a kick ass main riff as well, the intro song of the album “Blood On Our Hands” is hellish fast and it is a taste of what we’re going to hear in the next songs. The album also includes an instrumental mid-tempo song called “Intermezzo Liberte”, this song is really nice but I can’t find the reason of it’s existence on the album. Some mid tempo parts you can also find on “Revolution Begins” too. Finally, we couldn’t omit the great artwork created by Niklas Sundin.

It is really the best beginning for this season! We hope to see in 2008 more works like “Rise Of The Tyrant”. Buy or die!

Track List Line Up
01. The Last Enemy
02. I Will Live Again
03. In This Shallow Grave
04. Revolution Begins
05. Rise of the Tyrant
06. The Day You Died
07. Intermezzo Liberté
08. Night Falls Fast
09. The Great Darkness
10. Vultures
11. The Oath (Kiss Cover)
Angela Gossow − vocals
Michael Amott − lead guitar, clean backing vocals
Christopher Amott − lead guitar, keyboards
Sharlee D’Angelo − bass guitar
Daniel Erlandsson − drums