When an iconic band like BLACK SABBATH, calls you to be their main support act on their last ever tour, you know you‘re going the right way, the way to the top. RIVAL SONS, have been going upwards from the first day of their career, with a vehicle made of simple but effective rock music. They have already released 4 albums (since 2009) and each one of them, has been more successful than the previous one. Will their new effort have even more success? I surely hope it does!

Hollow Bones”, is the record were these Californians sound more like themselves, than their idols (LED ZEPPELIN, ANIMALS, FREE, BLACK CROWES). This is the album where Jay Buchanan (vocals) and Scott Holiday (lead guitar) have perfected their song writing style. They both sound like they are at the top of their game and they make it seem so easy to do so! The band walked into the studio for just two weeks and they came out, having eight songs that are a breeze of fresh air, for the retro-phile rock scene, plus a cover on Ike & Tina Turner’s “Black Coffee”.

Each and every song, is wonderfully arranged, with groovy drumming and guitar riffs that rock as much as they roll. From the catchy chorus of “Thundering Voices”, the garage rocking rhythm of “Baby Boy”, the blues rock of “Fade Out” to the genius of “Hollow Bones pt.2” the album, keeps the listener’s interest and entertainment at the highest levels.

PS: If any concert promoters are reading this review, please bring them to Greece, now!

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