Indisputably one of the biggest latest releases! One of the most delightful events on the space of metal music is when consistent values such as Dying Fetus remain faithful to their genre and offer it clean, as it happened in War Of Attrition in which their Grindcore identity remains unchanged.

In my view this last album is the finest that the band has displayed to us since Destroy The Opposition. In the case of vocals i’d say that it surpasses even it, since the succession of the classic brutal voice of them with the angry growls happens as if there was a huge discussion of the matter. Drums once again leave us speechless thanks to the amazingly steady blast beats of them and the slow core spots, which gives us the impression that their drummer was born with an embedded metronome inside of him. The guitar from the first note of Homicidal Retribution, which is the first song of the record, affirms us that War Of Attrition is an adequate continuation of their callous tradition of the band and personally i don’t find any defect not even on a single riff. Certainly songs such as Raping The System with the rythm variety and the intense melody, Unadulterated Hatred and Parasites Of Catastrophe are going to consist for a very long time the playlist of many friends of the genre.

The album ends the same dynamic way it started, leaving us with an intense enthusiasm and the groundless impatience for their next record.

Track List Line Up
01. Homicidal Retribution
02. Fate Of The Condemned
03. Raping The System
04. Insidious Repression
05. Unadulterated Hatred
06. Ancient Rivalry
07. Parasites Of Catastrophe
08. Obsolete Deterrence
John Gallagher – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Beasley – Bass
Mike Kimball – Guitar
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