Coldworker is a Swedish death/grind band which formed in early 2006, here in 2012 we have their new album which called “The Doomsayer’s Call”, once more Dan Swanö was responsible for the final mix & mastering for this album, this man has a good ear for death metal and the production is very clean. ”The Doomsayer’s Call” hits the listener in the face with all the usual trappings of this style of death metal (in the vein of Malevolent Creation and Bloodbath) and it never ends until the album comes to a close. There is ferocity of the guitar tone which gives the riffs the weight and clarity that such tightly-wound music needs to be effective. The riffs can be surprisingly inventive, with some frantic dissonant lines mixed in with the expected repertoire of power chords and quick tremolo runs. The songs are equally reliant on creative arrangements as they are on the riffs themselves — the band frequently inserts a quick blast at the end of a thrash rhythm, for example, or abruptly transitions from a doom slowdown to a punkish d-beat. There’s also a good effort to mix things up from track to track and even within each song with slow riffs and mid-tempo grooves.

The truth is that it covers a lot of the basic structures you want in a death metal album. The main problem with ”The Doomsayer’s Call”‚ is that it is monotonous throughout the whole period of the album. The guitars are almost always one-dimensional, never truly changing it up and surprising you throughout the course of the album. This creates a repetitive tone to the album that continues till the end. Drums are also an issue on this release, never really coming into their own tone and failing to excite the majority of the time. But the listener can find some good elements in this album which will make him understand that there a lot of power and discoveries within this album. No matter what you choose to do, it’s an album that’s just too easy to chew up and spit out. It plays, you’ll enjoy it, but the desire to play it again is probably going to be infrequent at best.