Two years after their great success of their great album, the Poles “progressives” Riverside come again to declare their presence with a brand new disc. Rapid eye movement then, and happily our expectations for a good work come true.

The group follows the path that was traced from their very first album. Much atmosphere, beautiful riff full of feelings, excellent vocals tied with each song and in a way make it separate from the others are the main characteristics of the albums and these are definitely not just a few for a group with 4 past albums only and has (in my opinion) the substructures, after hard work, to leave their mark in music as many have already done.

The album “follows” the high standards that past albums had but I believe that it is a bit lower than Second life syndrome, though, I cannot say that it is bad or medium. The point is that day by day Riverside’s fans become more and more and demand for more from their favorite band. Nevertheless, the album is good enough and it is a very beautiful and careful-made work from a group that contributes enough to keep the music we love alive and proves it with every single album they make.

Track List Line Up
01. Beyond The Eyelids
02. Rainbow Box
03. 02 Panic Room
04. Schizophrenic Prayer
05. Parasomnia
06. Through The Other Side
07. Embryonic
08. Cybernetic Pillow
09. Ultimate Trip
Michal Lapaj – keyboards
Piotr – Grudzinski – guitars
Piotr – Kozieradzki – drums
Mariuz Duda – vocals, bass