Sear Bliss, for those who happen not to know,are a black metal band coming straight from Hungary, with “Eternal Recurrence” being their seventh full-length album. Although quite not famous, here they should be catching everyone’s attention with open sight in music and in attitude as well.

On “Eternal Recurrence” they have clearly tried to challenge themselves, as each song builds upon the other. The album flows greatly, with moments of intensity giving way to calmer, deeper parts and vice versa. Using various themes, that consequently match together as a mystery tale ,with a series of crescendos as well as with cinematic moments, almost as a short movie is displayed in front of the listener. Quite impressive.

Having black metal as their main gear, with drumming and screaming vocals being the two most characteristic elements of this music, that Sear Bliss use in their works. They strangely quickly tent to fracture into stranger, more progressive forms with the use of trumpets and synths really giving their music an almost avant-garde black metal spice.

Having rich and complex structures, this record isn’t difficult in listening at all, as the not so long compositions, make it really easy for the listener to have a listen back from the start with the production being far more than exceptional. Giving their music exactly what it deserves, clear, warm and full sound. Happy to have found them, hope you check them out as well…

Track List Line Up
01.The Eternal Quest
02.Ballad of the Shipwrecked
03.Great Cosmic Disorder
04.A Lost Cause
05.The New Era of Darkness
06.There’s No Shadow Without Light
07.Entering the Seventh Gate
Csaba Csejtey      – Guitars
János Barbarics – Guitars
András Nagy – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Olivér Ziskó –  Drums
Balázs Bruszel – Trumpets, Keyboards