At last, the long awaited new Soilwork album is now reality. It has only been two years since their last release but after the extraordinary ‘Stabbing the Drama’ album we were all eagerly waiting for Soilwork’s new strike. And you won’t be disappointed, believe me. ‘Sworn to a Great Divide’ is a remarkable follow-up release that places the band to an established position in the modern metal era. Through this album, Soilwork manage to leave their mark in what is called new wave of death metal with their trademark sound and healthy attitude.

Eleven brand new songs, but Soilwork have made it easy for me once again. I don’t need to think hard to identify the best ones. They are all ace; absolutely awesome! Bringing together elements from their last three albums and being slightly more ‘Americanised’, the new record sounds just right. No big surprises; it is heavy, groovy and touching; it completely meets my considerably high expectations of a Soilwork album. The guitar work is technical yet catchy as usual, the structure of the songs remains successful with brutal verses and cathartic choruses, Bjorn’s vocal abilities became untouchable, the bass is heavily present to torment your speakers’ woofers and the new drummer can’t possibly be a human being – outrageously outstanding! ‘Exile’ and ‘Sick Heart River’ are probably the most commercially friendly tunes, but all the rest will be worshiped by every metalhead who respects him/herself. Regarding the Soilwork fans…start saving money and queuing outside your nearest music store because the album is out in 19th October.

Track List Line Up
01. Sworn to a Great Divide
02. Exile
03. Breeding Thorns
04. Your Beloved Scapegoat
05. The Pittsburgh Syndrome
06. I, Vermin
07. Light Discovering Darkness
08. As the Sleeper Awakes
09. Silent Bullet
10. Sick Heart River
11. More Miles
12. Martyr
13. Sovereign
14. Overclocked
Björn “Speed” Strid − vocals
Sven Karlsson − keyboards, sampling
Daniel Antonsson − lead, rhythm guitar
Ola Frenning − lead, rhythm guitar
Dirk Verbeuren − drums
Ola Flink − bass guitar