2007 has been an intense discography year for mr Jorn Lande, since with the brand new double live cd “Live In America”, he has filled up four releases. Of course aside from “The Revenge” (Allen/Lande) we didn’t have anything new in fact (rest of the releases are a best of, a cover album and the live), but we had some nice time with our charismatic Norwegian friend singing to us.

Live In America was recorded in 16/09/2006 during Jorn’s and his friends headline appearance in Prog Power VII Festival in Atlanta. The set included songs from his personal band, the bands that he has played with and some clever covers to Dio, Whitesnake (a medley that in which he proves that Coverdale is his biggest influence) e.t.c.

That which we have here is an extremely entertaining live album, from a full band and a great singer that has crazy spirit. Nothing less than a flawless double Hard n Heavy live album. In the cd there are included some studio recordings, Out To Every Nation (2007 Version), Lonely Is The Word/ Letters From Earth (Black Sabbath Cover) and the brand new Sacrificial Feelings.

Plus to the set is the crystal clear production, so we are talking about a notable job and that’s the way it should be dealt.

Track List Line Up
01. We Brought The Angels Down
02. Blacksong
03. Duke Of Love
04. Are You Ready
05. Cold Sweat
06. Drum Solo
07. Out To Every Nation
08. Guitar Solo
09. Straight Through The Heart
10. Godless And Wicked
11. Soulburn
12. Devilbird
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Gonna Find The Sun
15. Whitesnake Medley: Come On/Sweet Talker/Crying In The Rain/Here I Go Again/Give
16. Out To Every Nation (2007 Version Studio Track)
17. Lonely Is The Word/Letters From Earth (Studio Track)
18. Sacrificial Feelings (Bonus Studio Track)
Jorn Viggo Lofstad – guitar
Tore Moren – guitars
Sid Ringsby – bass
Willy Bendiksen – drums