Here it is!!! The new BFMV EP… and as they shout it in the title track, it sounds “over the top”!!! The EP consists of two tracks – “Scream Aim Fire” and “Eye Of The Storm” and when you play them it just takes your breath and throws you in the bushes leaving you wanting more and more.

Those guys are young and they seem to be breathing fire as the new songs are fast, powerfull and in the same time so mature. You can find elemts of MachineHead and Metallica (their early period) without losing that modern approach, of course.

It’s definitely surprisingly good to hear a young band like Bullet For My Valentine to step on the ground of classical thrash elements, speed and melodic guitar duells. This makes them one of my new favourites and I’ll be eagerly expecting the new album which will be released on January 28th worldwide and on the next day in the US. And when I see it in the stores, I will scream, aim and… grab it!!!”

Track List Line Up
01. Scream Aim Fire
02. Eye Of The Storm
Matthew Tuck – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Michael “Padge” Padget – lead guitar, backing vocals
Jason “Jay” James – bass, backing vocals
Michael “Moose” Thomas – drums