After Catastrophic (side project of Trevor Peres) and Lowbrow (side project of Allen West,former guitar player), here comes a new effort from current Obituary members , John and Donald Tardy.

In comparison to their bandmates’ bands,”Bloodline” shows the effort of the two brothers to produce something a little more different than their premium band. And they managed to achieve it up to a point. This album will not be friendly for the typical death metal fan,as it doesn’t contain typical slaying riffs or double-bass panic. It is more based on grooving and sounding as simple as it gets.

Of course,John Tardy’s voice(the best growler in history to many fans)is the strong part of the album and it is more than inevitable some of the songs to remind you of Obituary,actually a couple of them could easily be on each album after ”World Demise” as they are a bit speedier. Donald Tardy remains one of the most steady drummers ever and increases the level of headbanging with his massive and strong playing.

It is a good intermission until the Obies are back with a new album and it can be heard easily each time of the day. Some diehards will not even bother checking it but that doesn’t mean we have to do the same. So, judging it as a uniquity of its own and not as an Obituary album,it is a good result from two guys that they have proved their worth the last 20 years and they just felt about rocking it out a little.

Track List Line Up
01. Bring You Down
02. Bloodline
03. Im Alive
04. Deep Down
05. Wired
06. Fates Call
07. Eternal Lies
08. Screan Descendent
09. Fade Away
John tardy – Vocals
Jerry Tidwell – Guitar
Ralph Santolla – Guitar
Scott Johnson – Guitar
John Li – Guitar
Donald Tardy – Drums