Coming from Hungary, Archaic released their debut album in 2006 as a self-release and it is now re-released through Vic Records. Their massive and full of mosh-parts thrash metal grips you from below and delivers a good and full of quality and raw energy album. Yes, they reminded me a lot of the gods of thrash and the extreme music generally, Slayer. But sometimes, we just have to face the truth. When something looks or sounds alike something else, we complain about not being original and vice versa.

The Hungarians really did a good job in this album and we have to give them credit about it. Some great riffing takes good place here, steady fast drumming and vocals that add some to the energy of the band. They could have been more unique but to me it’s ok. After all, we have heard almost everything from everyone. Mighty Testament must have seen something in the band, as they had them as support act in a German tour. So if the legends find quality in these guys, who am i to disagree?

There is also a good cover of the title track from the legendary Tormentor, also a Hungarian band, known beacuse Attila Csihar did the vocals for Mayhem back in 1994 (he is also a current member of the Norwegian blackmetallers). As a whole, i liked the album. I can easily put it in the cd player and listen to it again. I have listened much more better and also worse albums than this.

If they go on like that and they obtain a personal sound, better things will show up for them in the future. Until then, we can only wait and see.

Track List Line Up
01. Intro
02. True Death of Life
03. Toxic Nightmare
04. The Archer
05. Cornu
06. Eternal War
07. Memories
08. Thank you!!
09. Tormentor (Tormentor cover)
10. Woodland
David Takacs – bass/vocals
Laszlo Puski – guitar/vocals
Csaba Zoltan Szabo – drums