This is the second assault by the band of Dino Cazares. Divine Heresy are back pretty soon after their devastating debut album ”Bleed the Fifth”.

Ready to take over those who were left unaffected by the brutal results of their former effort. Drummer Tim Yeung is once again doing an amazing job, a lesson in modern and outstanding drumming by a guy who sounds as if he has eight feet, four hands, not even a machine can play that direct as he does. New singer Travis Neal has a different voice than his predecessor, but stays the same aggressive and quite expressive in spiting the lyrics one after the other.

The album consists of big moments like the initial ”Facebreaker” and is stays to the same levels until the last moments of ”The End Begins” are over. To be honest, i never thought they could overtake their debut, as such albums happen once in a lifetime and it was quite a big hit (in sensitive areas and ears) for most of us. But that doesn’t mean that ”Bringer of Plagues” is a typical album which you will only listen once and then it’s over. Oppositively, each listening adds more you hadn’t noticed the first time and so on. Brutal were needed, kept in balance in some parts, but overally aggressive, the second album of the quartet comes to prove that ”Bleed the Fifth” was not just a spark in the dark. The fire is alive and comes rapidly to burn unbelievers and doubtful ones. This threat is real as they stated on the first album and since they are going to tour once again, many heads will roll.

I don’t know about the future, since Cazares became again a Fear Factory member, which means obligations. But until the next time, we can put this cd on our player and enjoy modern, groovy and pounding metal at it’s best. A good record to pass a boring summer, in all ways.

Track List Line Up
01. Facebreaker
02. The Battle of J. Casey
03. Undivine Prophecies
04. Bringer Of Plagues
05. Redefine
06. Anarchaos
07. Monolithic Doomsday Devices
08. Letter To Mother
09. Enemy Kill
10. Darkness Embedded
11. The End Begins
Travis Neal – vocals
Dino Cazares – guitar
Joe Payne – bass guitar
Tim Yeung – drums