After a long series of procedures over court in claim for the band’s name, and along with Ghaals’ and King Ov Hells’ departure, Gorgoroth have risen up from their ashes, to hit the shelves with this hellish release!

Infernus’ guitar works and production of the album prove that Gorgoroth are capable to overcome their previous album “Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam” and bring over an old-school feeling, blended with some serious experimentation.  The tracks’ nature varies, so we get to listen to fierce songs like “Cleansing Fire”, “Aneuthanasia” with a cult-ish attitude and even slow-paced and melancholic ones such as “Rebirth”.  Gorgoroth do not publish their lyrics, but that one sure seems like a message for the fans regarding the band’s course.  Also “Satan Prometheus” and “Prayer”  present a ritualistic touch and some melody of the Norwegian manner.

Formal vocalist Pest, retakes his duties, standing to be a quite worthy replacement of Ghaal. The compositions offer some remarkable riffs, but the constant repeating -especially of those of lower interest- is a considerable drawback.  The drumming is rather simple and slow, not drawing any attention.

Nevertheless, the band has developed even if does not appeal much to true black metal fanatics, and offers a well produced piece of work, with an excellent binding between vocals and music.

Track List Line Up
01. Aneuthanasia
02. Prayer
03. Rebirth
04. Building A Man
05. New Breed
06. Cleansing Fire
07. Human Sacrifice
08. Satan-Prometheus
09. Introibo ad Alatare Satanas
Infernus – guitar
Bøddel – bass
Tomas Asklund – drums
Pest – vocals
Tormentor – guitar