When I got the information that My Inner Burning count just about one year of life and yet have an album to present I was quite astonished. The self titled album of the 5 Germans is an ideal buying for those who love melodic gothic /heavy metal and ethereal female vocals.

Their melodic/catchy tunes,powerful contrasts and gothic image compose a rather successful attempt to enter the music industry.Easily listened songs written in a “making hits” formula, however not that innovative.Considering however that this is their first composing creation,one could probably assume that this band will rapidly evolve and manage to reveal their authenticity and personality.

Although their attempt to “marry” different ideas and be more progressive as in “Over And Over And Over Again” is very promising,”My Inner Burning” probably won’t sound as something new to the listener’s ears.

Through listening to “My Inner Burning” their effort to combine power with delicacy is pretty obvious.However the sentimental points such as in “Solitude Within You” are more successful to communicate with the listener..Breezy vocals with a touch of male distorted burst-outs are the highlight of the band and very cleverly that is where they focus promoting their music.

The point is that the 5 Germans have a long way to recognition and they seem to have the supplies to succeed in that: mood for creativity,accuracy on performance and self-awareness.

Track List Line Up
01. Head On A Plane
02. Guide To Fame And Wealth
03. Fly With Me
04. Judgement Day
05. Solitude Within You
06. What Has to Be Done
07. Over And Over And Over Again
08. Into Chaos
09. Soul Inc.
10. The Great Decline
11.They Know Better
Rebekka Gaber – Vocals
Torsten Sauerbrey – Guitar
Jorg Janssen – Guitar,Shouts
Daniel Pietrzak – Bass
Niklas Kahl – Drums