I always wanted to state my opinion on this and it’s the perfect time to do it now, just to put some things in order because some people think they can prove us idiots. Yes, the comeback of the 21st century, either you like it or not, was the last Celtic Frost album entitled ”Monotheist”. It was 2006 and you can steal hear the sound of carcasses dropping like meat on the floor, because of the effect this album STILL has after four years. Now that we have solved this little issue, it is about time to dive deep into the murky waters of the suffocating sea of Tom Warrior’s new band, Triptykon and its first release ”Eparistera Daimones”.

First fact is that Warrior is angry. Very angry. Full of rage inside him, furious from the pain that surrounds him. He has the urge to make us all understand what he’s coming through. He wants us to stand by his side, as this is a big bet for him. He is not a person who would care about press reviews or fan opinions, as he has been demonstrative in his whole lifetime. Each release he ever did was different and in very hard times back then. Don’t forget what happened when Celtic Frost released either ”Into The Pandemonium” or ”Cold Lake”. Not to mention his Apollyon Sun days where none understood what he was doing back then.

This time, Triptykon sounds ready to stay among us and conquer the world. This album is the definition of negativity in all matters. It’s blacker than a thousand nights without stars. It’s heavier than a valley of anvils falling straight to your head. It’s so hateful and bitter that you’re going to feel that walls surround you, even if you’re outside on the road and listen to it through headphones. Finally, it’s so threatening that you get the feeling that the creatures of the morbid and phenomenal cover of the album are going to attack you, leaving you soulless and unaware of everything, without need to kill you. Just make you stun and obey to them.

From the first moments of ”Goetia”, the 11 minute opener of this atrocity, what you knew of your past is going to end. Then a dividing line will enter your mind and your whole being will pass the other side and never look back. Warrior sounds so confident and aggressive here, no argues he has come to set new boundaries in our whole scene, especially with the next track ”Abyss Within My Soul”, which could become the trademark of this release, doomy and swampy as hell. Pure trademark of Warrior’s songwriting for about three decades. Only this time it is evolving into something even more monstrous.

I can write so much about this release that has sent me to hell and back, with Limbo, Abyss and many outer planes as inbetween destinations. I see monsters surrounding me, staring at me threatening, just to make me shit my pants. They don’t look hostile, just certain I’m going to be a slave to them. How can eight songs (plus the sickening ”Shrine” interlude) and 72 minutes make someone look lesser than everything and everyone? Unaware of what’s around me I declare myself as defeated by Triptykon’s uniqueness. Some would say this is ”Monotheist” part 2. I just say it is an album that leaves ”Monotheist” behind, as it is totally different in all ways.

Though the songs were written for what was to be Celtic Frost’s new album, Warrior managed to give them another identity. Just a living of nearly 20 minute opus ”The Prolonging” will convince you for sure. Enough and also so little said about this. Hats off once again. What fears me most is that they may surpass this in the future. Lord have mercy on my soul…

Track List Line Up
01. Goetia
02. Abyss Within My Soul
03. In Shrouds Decayed
04. Shrine
05. A Thousand Lies
06. Descendant
07. Myopic Empire
08. My Pain
09. The Prolonging
Thomas Gabriel Fischer – Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Norman Lonhard – Drums, Percussion
V. Santura – Guitars, Vocals
Vanja Slajh – Bass