“What it takes” is the third album The Sleeping have released and must have been greatly expected from the band’s fans, considering the recognition these five American boys have succeeded since their formation back in 2003.

The bloom of post-hardcore which coincided with the band’s birth, may have helped them gaining reputation but  none of these could have happened if not with great effort and will; effort that is obvious in their perfect performance and their musicality in composition.

If we should point out one of the group’s members that seems to be more special or talented than the others,well that would be a very tough task to do.Accurate drumming-synchronized with the appropriate bass lines, both gentle and raw guitars where needed, melodic additions of the keyboard completing the missing pieces of the puzzle and vocals that couldn’t be more appropriate and sentimental for the purpose of  The Sleeping.Vocalist Doug Robinson justifies his band’s expectations who chose him after auditioning  twenty-two other potential singers.

Trying to be quite innovating in their music, the young New yorkers’ instrumentation choices and blending influences (hardcore, alternative, progressive and so many other) make this album a pleasant listening experience. Highly precise, however not boring. Powerful, careful for not losing the sentimental touch though. “What It Takes” seems to have what it takes to be a success and become the starting point of a very good  band’s history.

Track List Line Up
01. You’ll be a corpse before you time
02. Friday Night
03. Bomb The World
04. Shallow Lungs
05. Running Faster
06. Ripped Dress
07. Should Have Let Me Leave
08. He Only Sees Where He Walks
09. Refusive Relationship
10. Bad Religion
11. Anyone Night Stand
12. Deadbeast
Salvatore Mignano – Bass
Joseph Zizzo – Drums
Douglas Robinson – Vocals
Paul Cadena – Guitar
Christopher Evans – Keyboard/Theremin

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