I really feel lucky getting this release! What mostly attired my attention are the band members. The drummer Darray (Vader, Dimmu Borgir) and the bass player Orion (Behemoth). Polish Black River are giving lessons for how a combination of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Stoner music can be a product of great taste. Their second album is called “Black ‘n’ Roll “.

I have to say that I am very surprised how these strong, heavy sounds and this hidden giant power of music can lead you straight to heaven! Discovering the philosophy of the band, which is to play and create feeling free and without art borders, you cannot imagine how many days you can spend drinking a lot of beers, inspired and drowned by these furious melodies! Only as an orgasm of music you can describe what this band gives you with this album!!

Great voice, high inspired heavy sounds and melodies and a great feeling of simplicity rise the essence and the meaning of music. At the same time, their desire to turn back to roots is spreading all over the music. A magical music touch supported by lyrics about real situations of life and a “face to face” attitude of Hard Rock and Metal. That is hymns songs like “ Too far away “ , “ Black ‘n’ Roll “ , “ Lucky in Hell” and “ Isabel”. Generally, it is a great album of Hard Rock with elements of Metal. Very interesting and strong songs although they are simple.

Finally Black River is a band with strong foundation to built palaces in sand! A shining diamond in the middle of a desert! Able to show the right progress that extreme music must have nowadays and able to be proud looking in the past! Personally, Black River made me feel the fever of what way of life and music we have been blessed to be followers!!!

“…cause every step we all made is leading us exactly the same way is blindly pushing us straight to the grave….”

Track List Line Up
01. Barf Bag
02. Lucky in Hell
03. Isabel
04. Black ‘n’ Rolll
05. Breaking the Wall
06. Jumping Queenny Flash
07. Too Far Away
08. Loaded Weapon
09. Morphine
10. Like a Bitch
11. Young ‘n’ Drunk
Maciek Taff – vocals
Piotr “Kay” Wtulich – guitar
Art – guitar
Tomasz ‘Orion’ Wroblewski – bass
Darek ‘Daray’ Brzozowski – drums

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