So here we have another band from Norway with their debut album. What could I expect from them but to listen to a nice and cozy black metal sound with the usual blast beats and the infernal screams. Well the name of the band is guiding me to that direction. Yet the cover of the album makes me more suspicious. I am saying to myself that I will be confessing another experimental album like those of Enslaved or at least a black ‘n’ roll sound with those punk elements from here to there. Well nothing of these ever happened. Or maybe everything above did happen. All in one album of less than fifty minutes.

The first listening have left me with my mouth open and drooling that I needed one more time of this Norwegian storm to stand on my feet and just wreck my neck. From the first second of the Ulvetid and the voices screaming “Kvelertak” I was thrilled. With each one of the songs ended and another began there was another chilling on my spine. This band knocks me down after a long time that I remember myself so excited. It was from Mastodon’s debut or Enslaved experimentation that I had felt like this for a band. The rock ‘n’ roll-punk riffs of Kvelertak have in the weirdest way a familiar stoner sound and before you comprehend this BHAM!! A black metal bridge with superevil riffs and blast beats blows your brain on the ceiling.

Kvelertak sounds so provocative and pioneer. I believe if Steppenwolf or Black Sabbath were founded in these days this would be their sound. Their mother language that they are using in most of their songs except of “Sultans of Satan” makes the result more outstanding. Oh! How could I forget the swamp that spitted in my eyes from Hjelvik’s throat. Don’t be misguided from the rate that is too low, it’s cause I will expect their second strike. I could write a lot of more pages for this album but I would make you weary.

So the only thing that you could do is to grab a beer or a bourbon bottle and press on the play on your CD players. That’s what I’ll do. The rest is a job for Kvelertak …

Track List Line Up
01. Ulvetid
02. Mjod
03. Fossegrim
04. Blodtorst
05. Offernatt
06. Sjohyenar (Havets Herrer)
07. Sultans Of Satan
08. Nekroskop
09. Liktorn
10. Ordsmedar av Rang
11. Utrydd Dei Svake
Erleиd Hjelvik – Vocals
Vidar – Guitar
Bjarte Lund Rolland – Guitar
Maciek – Guitar
Marvin – Bass
Kjetil – Drums