When I heard of Exhumed recording a new album I instantly thought: ‘That’s great news!’I happen to appreciate the fact that these maniacs, during their lengthy and quite productive career, have never spawned an uninteresting and boring record. From the days of their musical puberty when they had more of a goregrind edge up until their transformation to a more latter-Carcass style form, they never ceased to keep up with high quality releases. And luckily, their latest offering ‘All Guts, No Glory’ is no exception to the rule.
The intention to rip and shred is demonstrated instantly upon the first two songs. The opening intro prepares the listener for the oncoming storm, which comes in the form of ‘As Hammer to Anvil’, a truly face melting one, which shows that we are about to experience yet another visit to a slaughterhouse. The carnage keeps going on and on for the duration of the album, and all the tracks seems to keep up with the high standards set.
Exhumed have never denied their love for the works of Carcass, and this influence continues to be present here as well. Throughout the songs we can listen to riffs in the vein of ‘Necroticism…’ and ‘Heartwork’, and that’s a great thing if you ask me, as we are talking about great music here. What really gives the album a boost is the alternation between the fast-blasting parts and the melodic leads and solos. They are all really well placed, not even a single one is dull and uninspired, which is a fortunate change compared to other releases! Matt Harvey and Wes Caley really have a distinct way of playing and really know when to deliver fast paced riffs and when to let the melody take the leading role. Danny Walker’s performance behind the drum kit really is yet again a guarantee, as his blast beats take absolutely no prisoners and his whole manner of playing gives a new level of intensity to the music.
With this record Exhumed show the world that their 5 year hiatus (2005-2010) didn’t have the slightest effect on them and they have returned with one of their most punishing releases ever. They may not be as extreme as they used to be in the past, but their current form sure has lots more to offer! The dinner is served and a platter full of guts and gore is eagerly waiting for you to feast upon, so enjoy the meal!

Track List Line Up
01. All Guts, No Glory
02. As Hammer To Anvil
03. Your Funeral, My Feast
04. Through Cadaver Eyes
05. Death Knell
06. Distorted And Twisted To Form
07. I Rot Within
08. Dis-assembly Line
09. Necrotized
10. Funereality
11. So Let It Be Rotten… So Let It Be Done

Danny Walker – Drums
Leon del Muerte – Guitar , Bass & Vocals
Matt Harvey – Guitar, Vocals
Wes Caley – Guitar

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