Doomsword is a band that has not released any bad album yet, not even a moderate one. Those Italian epic metallers have only released true and pure albums, and they have proved that they don’t care about sales or fame, but only for creating great music. So 4 years after their last album, “My Name Will Live On”, that was an epic masterpiece, Doomsword are back with their 5th studio album, “The Eternal Battle”.  And guess what. It is another great pure metal album from Deathmaster and his company!

The previous Doomsword album, “My Name Will Live On” made many fans of the band wonder if the band has reached it’s peak, since we are talking about an album that left many people speechless. Well the band proves us that they didn’t relax, and achieved to create a record that has nothing to envy from their previous releases.

All the songs in this record have a great epic feeling and atmosphere. They have the ability to make you “live” the music and the lyrics; actually this album makes you think that you are in a battle and it’s songs are the music that gives you strength and courage in order to keep on fighting! “The Eternal Battle” does not contain any big changes nor any big surprises; it is a classic Doomsword record. However it is not an easy album to hear. You need to listen to it a couple of times in order to    understand how good it actually is. The album contains heavy and great riffs,  kick-ass rhythm section and the main characteristic of Doomsword, Deathmaster’s voice. Once again Deathmaster has done amazing work on the vocals, and his voice is able to create whatever atmosphere he wants in every song. Most of the songs are mid-tempo but some others are a bit faster.  The band must have worked a lot on this album because if you listen to it a couple of times, and you get it’s feeling, then you won’t bother to search for any limitations or bad moments. The production and the sound of the album are very good and suit perfect to the band’s music.

Summing up,  “The Eternal Battle” is a very good record from a true band that has never  disappointed it’s fans. I would suggest to every fan of the epic metal scene (and not only) to give this album a chance. You won’t lose. Hail Doomsword!

Track List Line Up

01. Varusschlacht (Varus Battle)
02. Eternal Battle
03. Wrath of the Gods
04. Soldier of Fortune
05. Battle at the End of Time
06. The Fulminant
07. Song of the Black Sword
08. The Time has come…
09. WarLife

Deathmaster – vocals
Sacred Heart – guitars
Wrathlord – drums
Nidhoggr – bass