Evile are a band that with their two previous albums made a lot of people bang their heads with their music because they played vey good thrash metal. These English thrashers are back 2 years after their latest release, “Infected Nation” with their new album, “Five Serpent’s Teeth”. Unfortunately, Evile suffered a great loss in 2009 when their bassist, Mike Alexander, died while the band was in a European tour because of a blood clot in the lungs. He was only 32 years old. However, the band decided to find a new bassist and to continue releasing music under the name Evile. The new bassist of the band is Joel Graham. With him, Evile recorded their new album, “Five Serpent’s Teeth”.

“Five Serpent’s Teeth” is a very energetic, powerful and heavy album. The band has written some very good songs in this album. Both the mid-tempo and the fast moments of the album are very good and the quality of the songwriting has reached very high levels. The vocals are very good and it seems that Matt Drake has worked a lot on them, the guitars are also killer in most of the album and you will find some very good riffs and solos in it , the drums are great and so is the bass. Almost all the songs in “Five Serpent’s Teeth” last more than 5 minutes but all of them are interesting. The influence of bands like Testament, Metallica and Exodus is clear in Evile’s music but that does not mean that Evile have copied these bands; they have put their own elements and their own style in the album and the result is a record that kicks ass! The sound of the album is clean and heavy. I would prefer the sound to be a bit more dirty and old-school, but this clean production also fits very well the music of the band.

Evile are here to stay. They managed to release another killer album; the 3rd in the row! Nothing seems able to stop them and I hope that they will continue the great work that they are doing.

Track List Line Up
01. Five Serpent’s Teeth
02. In Dreams Of Terror
03. Cult
04. Eternal Empire
05. Xaraya
06. Origin Of Oblivion
07. Centurion
08. In Memoriam
09. Descent Into Madness
10. Long Live The New Flesh
Ol Drake : Guitar
Matt Drake : Vocals, Guitar
Ben Carter : Drums
Joel Graham : Bass