One of the worst album drops in my hands, I love the French metal scene, but when I listen to this band I forget what French metal means. In this review I will speak for Outcast who is a progressive death/thrash metal band. ”Awaken the Reason” is the third album from the band and I confess that I don’t know something specific about this band, but when I saw the type of metal that they play I was shocked. The production of this album is very polished but is still powerful at the same time. It really works flawlessly with both the melodies and the obliterating breakdowns. Playing such complex and hard to comprehend shifts of tempo.

Their ideas are not bad but the album loses the synthetic piece with a strange rotation, constant tempo of guitars and all that, I would say it makes no sense. They have been much influenced by” Gojira and Meshuggah with deep sharp riffs and some good melodies and breakdowns but this style doesn’t represent the band correctly. They have some good riffs and progressive melodies but the voice of the singer is too raw for my ears and I think neither he knows what he wants to sing, nor he does it correctly. In my opinion the band must clarify the style of music that they want to play because it’s incredibly tiring. I think that if the band would have cleared the music style that they wanted to play, something better would come out.