This Is Hell, from Long Island NY, are an achieved band in my honest opinion, and that by having toured Europe several times already with fellow promising bands Dead Swans, Cancer Bats and Killing The Dream, by having released two (at least amazing) full length albums in less than 3 years and having built their way up and being labeled as one of the bands of the future of hardcore/punk.

After 2006’s “Sundowning”, I was really curious about how would their next full length sound, as I thought that they could not top it by any means. In 2008 the band is back to prove once again their mastering of what they know best, and that is fast, melodic, meaningful and mature hardcore punk with semi-acoustic mid-tempo passages and a vocalist that screams his heart out, making the album even to “Sundowning” with slight differences, new ideas and more experimentation with the new shape of punk.

This is a must for every hardcore/punk fan, either you’re Old School or New School, mark their name, along with some other bands they are holding the future of hardcore in their hands.

Track List Line Up
01. Reckless
02. Infected
03. Disciples
04. In Shambles
05. Realization: Remorse
06. Without Closure
07. Remnants
08. Resuscitate
09. Fearless Vampires
10. You Are The Antithesis
11. End Of An Era
12. Memoirs
13. Last Days Campaign
14. Cement Shoes
Rick Jimenez
John Moore
Travis Reilly
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