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The legends of doom are finally back! After an absence of 17 years (Their latest album dating 1995) they finally decided that the break is over and the time has come to remind the world about the legend of St. Vitus. And with Lillie F-65 the comeback is hard as my grandfather’s stick when he was a sailor!

The first track Let Them Fall is a kind of flat song with a simple “St.Vitus style» riff accentuated by the classical Wino vocals. You can say that is pretty much like an opening song, a heavy doom intro as you open the gates to something dark. And indeed The Bleeding Ground brings in all the riffs that create the monster St.Vitus! The constant breaks in the music parts all highlighted by Wino’s bleeding voice; you know everything is on track.

Vertigo is truly an amazing instrumental track! Guitars atmospherically crying in a sad and nostalgic mood slowing down the emotions and appeasing the spirit! Calm before the storm of Blessed Night returning where The Bleeding Ground left us, same as with The Waste Of Time, dark riffs, black and evil atmosphere and strong rythmics.

Dependence is undoubtly the jewel of the album (And ultimately the last as track Withdrawal is a fading out of fuzzing sound and metallic poetry). It describes the whole sound of the album with every part of it combining each of the previous tracks and melodies bridged by a Sunn O)) drone style. Just perfect.

It general it may be a brief album (aprox. 30 minutes) but it’s certainly a strong comeback. St Vitus made an album of course not perfect as Born To Late but close to Die Healing reminding to everyone that they are still alive and kicking!

Track List Line Up
01. Let Them Fall
02. The Bleeding Ground
03. Vertigo
04. Blessed Night
05. The Waste of Time
06. Dependence
07. Withdrawal
Scott “Wino” Weinrich – vocals
Dave Chandler – guitar
Mark Adams – bass
Henry Vasquez – drums