Finally, we have the comeback of No Return with their 8th full length album which is called “Inner Madness”. I ve been expecting something dirty and pure thrash from them but they rulled me out with this release and surprised me as well. There is a mixture of something between the old Dark Tranquility and The Haunted‘s “One Kill Wonder” speed. The result is really good along with a good sound and the technique parts of the guitars coming out with the proper power attacking songs with melodies taking part as well.

There are many experiments taking part in “Inner Madness” like the mid tempo solos having an aggressive backround on drums in “Near Death Experience” the 4th track of the album. In another attempt, we have a 7 minute instrumental song called “Morgane’s song” which is quite fast but there are some weaving changes in the speed of it including some melodic parts and some good shreds in the solos. A respectful piece overall. One of the songs that got my attention is the first one of the record called “N.I.L. 2” which has all the style of No Return’s music: A melodic intro which becoming fast and aggressive having a melodic chorus with clean vocals, and one hell of a shredding guitar solo.

I believe that everyone that want to check this album should listen to that song first to get a taste of “Inner Madness” properly. No Return achieved to make many metalheads happy with “inner madness” because their style is mixed with many extreme metal styles and it will give a good taste to their listeners.

Overall it’s a good result on this album by the band creating kinda their own sound like most of the French bands around giving us one more reason to respect their music and their scene and help it grow more and more.

Track List Line Up
01. N.I.L. 2
02. Inquisitive Hegemony (S€v€n)
03. Backdoor
04. Near Death Experiences
05. Morgane’s Song
06. Inner Madness
07. Borderline
08.The Dead Inside
09. Death Scars
David Barbosa – Bass
Boban Tomic – Drums
Nicolas Coudert – Guitars
Alain Clement – Guitars
L.Chuck D. – Vocals