Since a year ago, Orchid is not only a match to the instrumental song of Black Sabbath from Masters Of Reality, but also a synonym to fresh doom stoner sound of the 70’s under the presence of the same name American band. After their release Capricorn well acclaimed by the stoner scene, totally expectable as the whole album is an excellent reviving stoner from the 70’s doom, they came back with an EP under the label of Nuclear Blast (along with Witchcraft they have been a surprise for this change).

“Heretic” kicks in with all the doom this band provides! A b-movie satanic song with heavy guitar riffs, flirting rock n roll solos and releasing the demons from beyond bass lines. Orchid enters drastically in the game.

“Falling Away” is cooling down all the vibrations of the opening now with a grimy and nostalgic atmosphere. A ballade guitar track with Hispanic tones, and an amazing vocal performance by Theo Mindell this time with a more personal voice. The song is slowly carrying you into the album’s void like a Lethe dream interrupted softly by an electric guitar riff reminding the excellent guitar alteration of Blue Oyster Cult.

More in the heavy tones but still with a nap of grim sounds “Saviours Of The Blind” gives an alternation of guitar vibrations and nervous doom bass play. The most amazing part of it is clearly the change of sound somewhere in the middle accentuated by a speeding guitar solo chasing the tempo in a heavy rock spiral.

At last, a version of “He Who Walks Alone” clearly more doom than the one in “Capricorn” clearly revived by the atmosphere of the previous tracks. Unfortunately as it’s a title already heard in a way before and the changes are not enough to surprise you. The EP would be more lifted with a new song in my opinion.

Generally speaking Heretic has distant more the sound of Orchid to a personal sound than Capricorn. The Sabbath influence is very clear but this time less mimic. They still though have to make this distance more noticeable as sometimes their compositions are too close to Black Sabbath and make them lose their presence as Orchid. Nevertheless Orchid are making a good progression and with this EP they clearly have a lot to give in the future.

Track List Line Up
01. Heretic
02. Falling Away
03. Saviours Of The Blind
04. He Who Walks Alone
Theo Mindel: vocals, percussion
Mark Thomas Baker: guitar
Nickel: bass
Carter Kennedy: drums