Here is another death metal release that probably won’t be on my CD player for long time. This one-man band – Necroven – is from Spain. What should you expect of this? I really think that the clean production and well polished music compositions are out of question.

And that is the truth. The guy behind the band is called Jonathan Reina and he is a true fan of old death metal as it seems from everything involving Necroven and “Worship Of Humiliation”. From the start you can see the retro influence of the band. Early Entombed, some Autopsy and a bit of Necrophagia is what I hear from his music. Until this moment you could say that everything is alright. If you are into the underground movement and still into the tape-trading thing, this is would be an exciting release for you. But then I must say that most of the riffs and the ideas are lacking inspiration and originality.

The production is like a demo release but the ideas, even not original, have nice aesthetic. Yes this is an oxymoron. But this CD has been contradiction in terms from the start till the end. There are many flaws on “Worship Of Humiliation”. Especially the solos are recorded from inside the closet. They are awful. If you have heard this CD in the early 90’s, you could say it is a masterpiece. But now in the year 2012 it seems to me pointless. And pointless still is the cover song – the last track on this CD – on Unconsecrated “Exhumating Profaned Flesh”. Why should you cover a similar, if not with the exact same sound, death metal band? I believe for the support of the underground.

The credits go to Jonathan Reina because this guy alone has recorded the whole album. That is the only thing worth on the CD. It is the effort of a man from Las Palmas, Spain doing it all by himself. I am fan of all extreme metal music, but I find it hard to get a close connection with these types of releases. I am trying to find the evolution in death metal and to discover new things on this music. That is why I am keeping away on some releases. If you feel the same I advise you to do as I did. But do not misunderstand me; there are many underground bands that do excellent work, sometimes better even from the mainstream ones.

Track List Line Up
01. Worship Of Humiliation
02. Tormented Till Death
03. Exhale The Pestilence
04. Enclosed In A Dead Soul Dimension
05. Rejoice In Purulence
06. Ecstasy Beyond Possession
07. Epoch Of Chaos Glorification
08. Ancient Rites Conjuration
09. Malediction In Dormant Obscurity
10. Defeat Of The Stagnant Faith
11. Exhumating Profaned Flesh (Unconsecrated Cover)
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