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The Greek Heavy Rock scene has grown a lot in the current decade and new bands are springing up every once and a while from the entire country. DENDRITES is one of them. This four piece group comes from Volos, Greece and they released online their self-titled debut album in September of 2016.

Right from the first distorted guitar riff of “The Wheel” you can tell that these guys are fans of the Southern American style of heavy rock. Their groovy, mid-tempo music is based on these muddy draped, whiskey-smelling, masculine guitar riffs. They sound a lot like their compatriots POTERGEIST and SOBER ON TUXEDOS (in case you haven’t heard either of them, they sound like GODSMACK). The singer, Thanasis Tiblalexis, has an excellent American-English pronunciation and a husky voice that matches perfectly this kind of Rock music. The album features ten original songs and every track could have been a single. The band chose “Whiskey Preachin’ Motherfucker” for their first video clip; check it out at the bottom of this review.

“I recommend DENDRITES to the fans of the Southern American heavy rock.”

What mentioned above was the good part of DENDRITES but there are also some things they should improve in the future. These are:

1) Originality: They are similar to the most Greek heavy/southern rock bands. They need to find their own distinctive sound to move forward and release something that people will listen to and say; “That’s DENDRITES!”

2) Production: Unfortunately the production and mixing of the album, made by the band itself, is amateurish.The sound of the album generally is clear but the cymbals are too loud in the mix and the overall sound of the drums lack heaviness.

That being said, I recommend DENDRITES to the fans of the Southern American heavy rock and to everyone that wants to legally download some new good rock music for free, since this album is freely distributed from their Bandcamp page.