Arkaik is a technical death metal band likewise many bands with origins on the USA. From 2006 and their first release they offer us brutal albums. And there isn’t much more to say to introduce this band except that Unique Leader Records own them since 2010 and their second full length release “Reflections Within Dissonance”. The music as you guess it is fast, technical and brutal. I couldn’t answer to the FAQ if this is just another band from the California area to produce just another brutal album without any point at all. But after many auditions to “Metamorphignition” I tend to say that this is really good stuff. And if I had to prove myself, I would say that Deeds Of Flesh are not that crazy to employ Craig Peters for the guitar and vocal responsibilities and Ivan Munguia for the bass.

Ok I admit it. I should focus on their music, not just give you some facts that could be irrelevant to the band called Arkaik. Though these are the facts upon which Arkaik made their name known to death metal fans. Ok I will now stop and say to you about the music. And I will start with the drums as I prefer to do with death metal groups. The duty behind the drum kit is fulfilled by Alex Bent. This guy is just 19 years old and Decrepit Birth made him the honor to trust him their live sessions. So as you might think already he did an excellent job. The drumming is fast when the guitar riffs require it and the breaks are right on time and perfectly technically executed by Alex Hernandez-Bent.

The guitar work, as I said above, is the responsibility of Craig Peters and Chance Strickland. The first had the lead guitars and the second the rhythm. Both of them perform professionally and their blending is magnificent. All the lead melodies and the rhythm bridges are right on place. The bass guitar is – for my pleasure – listenable at this CD. Ivan Munguia is filling the gaps perfectly. The sound of the bass is filling the room greatly. Even his part on the leading melodies is beautifully executed. I give all the credits to this guy without hesitations.

And then we have the vocals of Jared Christianson. It is the typical vocals on any brutal album. The deep growls from the start till the end seems the same to me. He made it nonetheless.

The mixing and the engineering of “Metamorphignition” is a job of Zack Ohren. What? You do not know this guy? Well I give a hint. He did among others the mixing and mastering of “Majesty And Decay” of Immolation and some of Decrepit Birth. I think that’s enough said.

For the conclusion I should refer that in this album there are many samples to create a bizarre atmosphere. And to enhance this statement the lyrical theme of Arkaik is that bizarre too. Their topics are around the human thoughts and creation as well as the evolution of human kind. The highlight of the CD for me is the longest track “The Omnipus”. All you that are into Deeds Of Flesh, Decrepit Birth or even Obscura you should enjoy this.

Track List Line Up
01. Skin Graft Hieroglyphics
02. Metamorphignition
03. Sirens In Electric Veil Pt.1
04. Sirens In Electric Veil Pt.2
05. Blade Grasp Priesthood
06. Soliloquies Of The War Machine
07. The Laughing Prophet Of Doom
08. The Withered Hands Of Mortality
09. The Omnipus
10. Opus Brahmamic
Jared Christianson – Vocals
Craig Peters – Guitars (Lead), Vocals (Backing)
Chance Strickland – Guitars (Rhythm)
Ivan Munguia – Bass
Alex Hernandez-Bent – Drums