When I was chosen to make a review on Sulphur Aeon’s debut album entitled “Swallowed By The Ocean Tide” , I tried first to find out some information about the band on the internet and the first thing that I saw next to the names band was that their genre is death metal. “Fuck yeah, lets have it”, I thought, but when the disc went broadcasting my previous thoughts left hearing the intro called “Ctulhu Rites”. So I realized that it was a more blackened album than the one I had in mind in the first place. These Germans surprised me when the record kicked off with the second song called “Incantation” and the first thing that went through my head was Dissection.

Sulphur Aeon seems to be walking on dissection’s path inside this music genre giving us a good reason to keep an eye on them. “Swalloed By The Ocean Tide” suits perfect to my collection I must say , this album is having many elements that touching my music taste. Probably most of the hard core death metal fans wont find anything exciting about this album or anything new I suppose but the whole prospect of that band leaves the listener in good shape after the broadcast of it. We have a good yet not perfect match of melodies and speed parts having the whole blackened atmosphere of old dissection and  other bands like behemoth and hate. If I had to pick a highlight of “Swallowed By The Ocean Tide” I would pick the self-titled track which starts with a melodic atmospheric part and then its travelling through the band’s death metal orientation.

I must also say that I couldn’t  really understand their outro called “Zombi” a melodic song that it would probably suit best as an intro to an album , but with the second listening of “Swallowed by the ocean tide” this song looked in a good position in the tracklist. The only thing I must say at last is that if you lads are into Dissection you would not regret having this album.

Track List Line Up
01. thulhu Rites
02. Incantation
03. Inexorable Spirits
004. The Devil’s Gorge
05. Where Black Ships Sail
06. Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide
07. Monolithic
08. From the Stars to the Sea
09. Those Who Dwell in Stellar Void
10. Beneath. Below. Beyond. Above
11. Zombi
Torsten Hostmann : Bass,Guitars
Martin Hellion : Vocals
Danniel Dickman : Drums