Third official release for Karditsa based Show Your Face, this is the second EP they release, just a year after their first full-length ”Unleash” and the title ”Afraid” shows a great opposition to what the material and the band sound like. Hailing from the American groovy sound of the west coast, mainly Texas, the band plays a fast, groovy, filled with rhythm and nerves modern metal which surely owes a lot to the Pantera heaviness and the Lamb Of God approach of developing a song. In overall, this EP is a great ”fuck off” statement to those who believe metal stopped in 1990 (or before), as it keeps on evolving through the years.

Three tracks which last more than five minutes each, but on the other hand, if you are a fan of heavy riffing and the American sound in general, they won’t tire you at all. If you take me for example, who I happen to believe that Lamb Of God is the best metal band today, they suit me fine. Now if you’re an Iron Maiden or Manowar freak who let’s say wants his music staying the same and ”true” at all costs, you may pass by quickly, these guys don’t deserve you and you don’t deserve them either. The title track which opens the EP shows from the beginning what’s about to happen in the next fifteen minutes.

Blasting rhythms, the drummer in constant motion (and nerves) and the singer who sounds like a pill-filled Phil Anselmo meeting Randy Blythe while they step on his neck. The guitars know where to be heavy, where to create beatdowns and where to cut the way for the rhythm section to take over. Such is the case with ‘‘Born Dead, Die Alive” too, which happens to have some more outbursts and becomes for me the most interesting of the three tracks, mainly because you don’t know where the next change is going to come and leave you surprised one more time.

The last track ”I Sin” is the most experimental of the EP, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hide some more surprises for you. Starting slowly, it becomes a hidden card for the band and could easily fit somewhere in the middle of their gigs, to create some groovy atmosphere. The guys are going to release their forthcoming album ”Apnea” this year and if ”Afraid” was the first sample of what’s about to come, then they will claim they did a little miracle. I never remembered any band from the city of Karditsa all these years, but all of you will surely remember Show Your Face when you’ll listen to them carefully.

Track List Line Up
01. Afraid
02. Born Dead Die Alive
03. I Sin
Huge – Vocals
Achilleas K – Guitars
Chris – Bass
Vis – Drums