Viking and folk metal is very popular these years. Bands like Korpiklaani, Ensiferum and Eluveitie are making great CDs and their careers are at their zenith. One of those viking bands that they have been under the surface, though they are one of the initiators of the genre, is the Swedish Thyrfing. Probably one of the reasons that these guys are not in the front lines is that they use mostly Swedish for their lyrics. And another reason is that they are more brutal than the others bands in the scene. But of course this should make them more notable than Ensiferum and the others.

So in the music department now their new album is called “De Ödeslösa” and it is all in Swedish. And so what if I do not understand their language, I cannot stop loving their creations. This is the first album with new drummer Dennis Ekdahl, while the former drummer Joakim Kristensson replaced former bass guitar player Kimmy Sjölund. For those that know about Thyrfing this is a bit slower CD in tempos. I don’t know if it’s because of the change in their lineup, but here we have more marching tempos than before. The only fast blastbeat can be found in the same titled song in the end of this CD and one more in the middle of “Kamp”.

Melodies, catchy riffs and rhythms are what “De Ödeslösa” is full of. The use of keyboards has enhanced the melodies without being annoying. Although those who hate the sound of keyboards they surely must stay away from Thyrfing. The atmosphere is again dark and bleak as the environment in Scandinavia. And this is expanding by the acoustic guitar parts that are heard here and there. The whole course of Thyrfing has been a continuous evolution; and a beautiful journey.

This is truly a soundtrack if you are preparing for a battle. And with the growls and the very emotional vocals of Jens Rydén we should go in thriving moral. The song called “Kamp” especially with the guest clean vocals of Toni Kocmut is totally a preparation for an assault. Mr. Kocmut has been in all the albums of Thyrfing helping with the clean vocals and he does a magnificent job.

The riffs of the guitars by Lindgren and Hernborg are orchestrated perfect. And the bass lines of Joakim Kristensson, that don’t stay just in the background, give us a result of great musicianship. You should listen to “Vindöga” and his memorable intro to see what I really mean.

In the end I admit that I couldn’t rate higher Thyrfing’s “De Ödeslösa” because I am a great fan of them and I hope the best for them. I expect more of them. And with such expectations I will hang on until their next one. We will keep fighting until we shall perish in flames…

Track List Line Up
01. Mot Helgrind
02. Fordom
03. Veners Förfall
04. Illvilja
05. Kamp
06. Relik
07. Vindöga
08. De Ödeslösa
Jens Rydén – Vocals
Joakim “Jocke” Kristensson – Bass
Dennis Ekdahl – Drums
Patrick Lindgren – Guitars
Fredrik Hernborg – Guitars
Peter Löf – Keyboards