I feel really honoured to do a review of an album like this. Inmoria hopefully will be a strong new act in the whole metal scene, the only thing needed is open ears and sharpened minds to accept their vision.

This is the band that Danne Eriksson (known from mighty Bollnas coming Tad Morose) created. The result: Pounding, H E A V Y and uncompomising Swedish music. It doesn’t really matter if it sounds power metal to you, a little thrashier to others or just more modern than usual. It is real and it is happening now, in the year of 2009.

Where hope is lost to many metalheads, about new bands that can give something fresh because ”Invisible Wounds” is directly this: Fresh air, an element missing so much in today’s releases. Also, we have to mention that the album is a combination of a dream-team like line-up. Accompanying Eriksson in his vision are also Christer Andersson (also guitar player and mainman of Tad Morose), Tommi Karppanen (former Morgana Lefay guitarist, now bass player in Tad Morose), Peter Moren (yes, right, Tad Morose member also) and last but not least: the wild card in this project.

Charles Rytkonnen, the godly singer of Morgana Lefay, delivering the goods once again in the most convincing way. Direct, creepy, emotional where it needs, Chulle raises with his haunting voice the level of this album. Entering the clip of this album, ”Come Insanity” (which you all must check as it is a great video, with the band obsessively performing) grabs you straight from the neck and for the next 44 minutes there is no escape. Tracks like ”Alone”, ”Fantasy”, ”Misery” or ”As I Die” (which sounds a while like ”Cloud Connected” of In Flames) are the fellowship to the journey into truth.

This is all what Inmoria is about. Truth, originality, heaviness and many more. By the time that godly ”I Close My Eyes” is over, the move is only one: pushing the repeat button again. I don’t know what will happen next, the band is eager to tour as much as they can and meet new fans. Don’t lose them if they happen to pass from your country, i bet my ass that this album’s energy will be captured live at least 10 times better.

One of the best debut albums in many years and surely, one of the best albums of this decade. And what scares me more, is that it sounds like they did it so easily. I can really count on them. Skoll guys! Tak som fan!

Track List Line Up
01. Come Insanity
02. Alone
03. Fantasy
04. As I Die
05. Misery
06. Circle Of Memories
07. Haunting Shadows
08. Will To Live
09. The Other Side
10. I Close My Eyes
Charles Rytkönen – Vocals
Christer Andersson – Guitar
Danne Eriksson – Keyboards
Tommi Karpannen – Bass
Peter Moren – Drums