Year Of The Goat come from Norkopping, Sweden and release “Angels’ Necropolis” right on time for the masses that are ready and prepared…

It has become some short of fashion this sneaky look on the mid 70s prog/ proto metal sound that many bands have embraced nowdays in a somehow revival of this hard rock involved with occult themes and imagery. The list grows longer even as you read this article. Ghost, Devil, Orchid, Graveyard, The Devil’s Blood etc. Needless to say that during this revival many will come and a lot lesser will survive and endure the harsh times and the crowd’s judgement.

Is there any way to get yourself a medium on which such bands should sound or exist? I believe there isn’t, since none of those bands don’t do anything new or innovative. Inevitably, the connection or let’s say the judgement will take place according to the old/ original sounds of their music forefathers (Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash, BOC, Demon, Pentagram, Black Widow and so forth).

Coming to “Angels’ Necropolis” I believe there not much to be said, since I’ve already mentioned their main influences from the past of heavy music, as well as I also mentioned some similar bands really close to what these guys have to offer. Mystical, dark, satanic lyrics. Rituals and occult thematology dressed by their heavy blues music. Melodies and very nice flowing of a record with all its cliches and expected gestures. Nice production but not that loyal to the 70’s warmth, but closest to the early 80’s giving a more “heavy metal” approach to their compositions.

I’m not sure if I like it or it’s just that these sounds are familiar. Eitherway, this record was really pleasing to my ears. I’ve listened to many bands that appeared lately, playing this short of 70’s mixture that didn’t convince me after all. Hope that won’t happen with YOTG. Have a listen for yourselves, and time will tell the rest…

Track List Line Up
01. For The King
02. Angels’ Necropolis
03. Spirits Of Fire
04. A Circle Of Serpents
05. Voice Of A Dragon
06. This Will Be Mine
07. I’ll Die For You
08. Thin Lines Of Broken Hopes
Thomas Sabbathi- Vocals, Guitar
Per Broddesson- Guitar
Don Palmroos- Guitar
Fredrik Hellerström- Drums
Tobias Resch- Bass
Mikael Popovic- Mellotron,Vocal