[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 7.5
Label: NoiseArt Records
Website: Link
Author: Kostas “Krotidas” Triantafyllidis[/colored_box]

The goats are back, yes it is true. After three albums full of humor and death metal, grindcore and a bit of crust, the fourth CD of the German duo is back again! And it is time to get back in the stall as the title of the album hints. What is it that you are looking for? Death metal? Grindcore? Crust? All of these you can find them in great portions in “Stallzeit”.

Milking The Goatmachine is the name of this band and I believe after three albums they are well known to the genre fans. If you aren’t familiar with the Berliners, let me introduce them to you with a little help of their new music.

You have to look at the titles of the CD to understand what you are dealing with. “When Goat Loves A Woman”, “Goatriders In The Sky” and “Milk ‘Em All” are a few indicating the situation of these guys. They are totally joking around. And they are doing it great. They have used well known song titles paraphrased before such as “Goat On The Water” and “Cemetery Goats”. And they have done some great covers such as “Like A Goatmachine” and “Surf Goataragua” just by playing with their name. As I have already mentioned we again have this type of songs. Also we have another cover without referring to goats for the first time. That is “Ace Of Spades”. I love all of their covers because they totally bring those songs to their identity.

In the music area, as I have written before, you will listen to well played death metal with a lot of grindcore elements, some crust passages and a little of slam brutalities. The production is clear and they sound tight goatly (!). We have distorted guitars, drums with groovy tempos and blastbeats when the music demands it and the bass is listenable in most parts. And at last deep growls and screams are present from the start.

Death metal had always space for experimentations with the music and with the lyrics. Milking The Goatmachine are experimenting (if this is the right word to use) with the lyrics a lot. They also use some samples with bleats and some spoken parts. The intro of “When A Goat Loves A Woman” especially is hilarious. I always laugh when I am listening to it. And “Look @ These” is another song where you can spot what I am saying.

So if you are into for the finest grind ‘n’ crust from the planet of Goat E Borg / Goataragua, you will love these guys. Do not be afraid of the goat like behavior and appearance, these guys have come to planet Earth to spread the word of Goatgrind. So GOAT ON!!!

Track List Line Up
01. Only Goat Can Judge Me
02. Goatriders In The Sky
03. Stallzeit
04. 3 Rooms Shed
05. Goatpainter
06. The Day I Lost My Bell
07. Salt Lick City
08. Milk ‘Em All
09. Hornbreaker
10. Whoola Hoove Groove
11. Strawless
12. Look @ These
13. When A Goat Loves A Woman
14. Udder Infection
15. In 10 Years We Are Old School
16. Ace Of Spades (Mmotorhead Cover)
Goatleeb Udder – Vocals, Drums
Goatfreed Udder – Guitars, Bass