Portugal, the exotic country of unique beauty and temperament and of course the motherland of goth-metallers MOONSPELL who are back with their eleventh studio release, “Extinct”. Let’s see what’s here after their double trouble release “Alpha-Noir” back in 2012.

First of all, I have to admit that after listening the album I got this releasing aura and the urge to give it another try immediately. Being an admirer of the 90s gothic metal scene, this album really reminded me of the original sound of that golden era of the genre. On “Extinct” Moonspell have managed to bring the clarity of our days dynamic-wise and the 90s production –wise together, as it seems, on purpose! Really cool to almost forcing me to remember how a gothic metal album should sound.

Still ,though, there are two abstract ingredients that make this album loose its origin. The first one being the virtuoso guitar solos on extended use throughout most of the songs. Outdated in general and somehow new for Moonspell this playing card of fine guitar work.

What I mean, of course, is that the solos are perfectly performed and so on, but they do not match up to the sound of the material. An element that hadn’t been that much used on any previous Moonspell record to that extend and it really stands out in a bizarre manner on “Extinct”. I guess it was time for the band’s axe-men to show their qualities, who knows?

The other bizarre ingredient, to my ears, are the freaking oriental eastern freaking keys or symphonies or whatever. No, my friends, this was a bad decision, bad use and of course many of the songs that contain these, not so brilliant ideas, really mess the listening session up. Why on earth? Why? I guess it‘s a matter of taste.

Coming to the end of this review, I should say that this record might be thought as a classic release for the band in a few years time. For now, I can say it has been quite a while that I had heard something so touching in terms of emotions and the memories that it brought on surface, from the back of my mind, and I’m really thankful for this! With total respect to their needs for experimentation and their determination to stand out as a band not following their own footsteps from the past, I conclude that “Extinct” is a beautiful and sincere release for Moonspell and gothic metal in general.

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