ABSTRACTER is an Oakland based band and here we have their second devastating full length album. “Wound Empired” released earlier this year giving us a prelude of how the apocalypse will sound when it strikes upon humanity. Their music is more of a doom sludge blackened crust hybrid with lots of noise and psychedelic sounds, while, when they decide to go melancholic and slow, it feels like falling down in a bottomless pit.

Opening track “Cruciform” gives us a pretty good idea of what is about to come. Heavy guitar riffs which built anticipation keeps you in full alert combined with abysmal vocals and damn good drum parts I’d dare say! Second track “Glowing Wounds” is exactly what I mean by saying apocalypse. Filled with downtempo sounds and powerfull guitars, the eleven minute track will blow your mind. Building an atmosphere that haunts you entirely, this song is one of the best moments of the album. Devastating and intence with all the power that a sludge blackened sound can take comes “Lightness”; a highlight in all its aspects. Despite its title it is dark and creeping with the vocals taking first role here. The work made in the guitar riffs is awesome giving this song all the power and darkness it needs.

Last track comes “Open veins” which could easily be a soundtrack for a horror movie. Apparently, clean vocals come in some parts giving you a sense of haunting and terror. ABSTRACTER’s music is filled with dark moments and heavy riffs, while still carrying emotion. Through its forty minutes, it creates a damned world within which you will lose yourself.

If you are looking for new sounds inspiration and you are a fan of ALTAR OF PLAGUES, THOU or AMENRA, this is definitely an album for you.

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