Swedish metalcore outfit ADEPT deliver their forth studio attempt in full force since their latest 2013’s “Silence the World”. Under a new label name, the band showcase 10 youthful tracks that may leave you “Sleepless” on first listen.

Vocalist Robert Ljung poetically acquaint us with his personal statement “So for the next 40 minutes, I will speak from the heart…” and undoubtedly he does so! The band couldn’t have chosen a better debut track than “Black Veins”, which is followed up by “Wounds” a more classic Adept song. “Dark Clouds” was their first single off this album which also was released with a video in 2015. “Carry the Weight” is my personal fav where all the boys bring out solid earthmoving vibes throughout. Gabriel (drums) and Filip (bass) hit the nail’s groove head both so fucking tight, damn, this duet is impeccable!

“Rewind the Tape” travels us back to their post-hardcore roots where it all started. “Down and Out” and “The Choirs of Absolution” brings out the newest elements in the foreground; synth sounds plus miscellaneous effects play a major role in this release. “Lights” and “The Sickness” allow both guitarists Gustav and Jerry, unfold their own part, crafting the last metalcore riffing of the album in the best possible way! Robert’s outro poem “Sleepless”, caress with such delicacy while the ending triplet choir-driven melody forces you to press repeat once this comes to an end.

Getting things straight, ADEPT did not reinvent the wheel but you gotta admit that this band that pioneered the European metalcore scene back in 2004 still deliver a quality product, 12 years later. Shiny production adds to this. We wish the toughest kids all the best because they deserve it.

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