I always like to write about bands and albums that have several original elements or even a few surprises. Something different, at least. One such case we have here too. CONSECRATION are from Serbia, a country that doesn’t have such a tradition in metal music. But this did not stop anyone of the members of CONSECRATION. Neither in this album or in the previous four have been released. Besides, this band exists already 15 years.

CONSECRATION’s members are Ivan Aranđelovic on bass, Matija Dagovic on drums, and Danilo Nikodinovski on guitars, vocals and keyboards. But beyond these, the album has some guest appearances. Specifically, at the first song of the album (“Debeli leptir” which probably means thick butterfly) we have Vladimir Jankovic Džet on vocals, Stefan Gaćeša on accordion (yes, you read correctly, accordion!!!), and David Lazar Galić on saxophone. On the second song (“Sheed”) we have Boris Tasev on the accordion, and at the third song of the album (“Sećanje na Ameliju”) we have Petar Milanović on trumpet.

Having mentioned all the entries of the album, let’s talk a little bit about music. CONSECRATION play one of their own hybrid of progressive rock and stoner metal. And this sentence, may not be enough to describe what we have here. In the opening song of the album, after a few seconds of an audio sample, the band spreads a melody (in overt post-rock rhythms and atmospheres). Along with a sample which my guess is that is in Serbian language, a few minutes are spent. Until now, almost 1/3 of the song, and the main riff of the song is displayed. A “huge» stoner riff in doom rhythms. But the whole point of the song is the accordion and the saxophone lying in the distance. They give the piece a special psychedelia, one you do not expect.

Clearly CONSECRATION have studied as much heavy stoner bands, as space and progressive groups. And of course, in many parts of the album appears the spirit of PINK FLOYD. This spirit even makes a special appearance in the title track of the album, which is set up as if they wanted to do a tribute to PINK FLOYD. And the surprises do not stop, culminating the sample from a Spanish film (probably) in the closure of “Ejmi (1983-2011-201?)”, that closes the album. More generally, a big surprise the band, as well the disc.

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