The mother of all reunions has finally come true. The Cavalera brothers are reunited after nearly 15 long years and the band’s name speaks for itself. Cavalera conspiracy indeed; what’s the secret plan you may wonder? Well the plan is not complex at all when considering the complicated mechanism of a conspiracy.

The Brazilian brothers merely prove that they are far from getting retired. On the contrary, after listening to this album I can’t help calculating how many Sepultura fans will convert into Conspirators. Adding to that all the Soulfly fans that would religiously follow Max makes the whole thing look like a hugely successful project.

On the music side of things, the album sounds exactly how Sepultura would and should sound today if Max has never departed from the band. Eleven pure thrashcore dynamites comprise this record. From one hand, Igor has stopped compromising and hiding behind a legendary name (Sepultura) and from the other Max has stopped challenging his spirituality through ethnic experimentations. Opening with the smashing ‘Inflikted’, the album immediately brings back memories of the Chaos A.D. era. It continues with the demonic ‘Sanctuary’ and I now recall the old good days of the colossal ‘Arise’ album. ‘Dark Ark’ will find you breaking stuff, ‘The Doom of All Fires’ will find you tearing your clothes and ‘Bloodbrawl’ will make you headbang naked in the streets. Seriously dudes buy this album and get bloody INFLICTED.

Track List Line Up
01. Inflikted
02. Sanctuary
03. Terrorize
04. Black Ark
05. Ultra-Violent
06. Hex
07. The Doom of All Fires
08. Bloodbrawl
09. Nevertrust
10. Hearts of Darkness
11. Must Kill
Max Cavalera – Guitars/Vocals
Igor Cavalera – Drums
Marc Rizzo – Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Joe Duplantier – Bass