The way music industry has become the last few years and our way of living, everyday problems etc. To surpass those things and release a studio album, especially your debut album, needs some nerves of steel and a lot of patience.

THE SILENT RAGE, is not a new band, with the classic meaning. Nick Siglidis, made this band back in 2006 but since then, the band hadn’t managed to release a full length album, except 2 EPs and several live shows. Not until now. Judging by the result, though, I think it worth the wait.

The band finds itself in the field of modern power metal. An uneasy genre and surely one of the most played genres, out there. So, the big question is, if they managed to get this through with success. And the answer is yes. “The Deadliest Scourge”, is one of those albums that needs time to grow inside you. It definitely has some moments that grab you, from the first time, you hear it, but as an album it needs its time.

At first, Steve Venardo, did a great job behind the microphone. His voice, has the harshness but also the melody, exactly where needed. The guitars, sound really good and heavy, while the drums and the bass offer a thick wall of sound, that fills your ears. The recording, mixing and mastering of the album, was made in Devasound Studioz by Fotis Benardo and Thanos Jan, so I think it would be pointless to say, that it’s at least great.

To be honest, the band is not reinventing the wheel with this one. Anyone can surely understand and recognize the influences of the guys, but one thing is for sure, we are not having a copycat album of any kind here. They have good ideas and they put everything in good use. I can surely say, I loved “Shadow Spirit”, the ballad of the album if you would like to say. “Proselytize the Masses” for its heaviness and “Between Harmony & Sorrow”, for the Accept-like feeling.

Summing it all up, this first full album for THE SILENT RAGE after some problems, surely worth the effort and the stubbornness of the members, for their music. The album, has very good moments if you give them the time they need and it’s very promising for the band’s future. Definitely an album worth listening to.

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