alan averill

Dread Sovereign
All Hell’s Martyrs

Alan Averill’s career via Primordial is a grand one and the man has put vocals into some of the most favorite music records of all the metal fans in the world. In the same time Alan is always busy with side projects and his newest one is Dread Sovereign, an epic doom band, which finally has released its first full-length record, ‘All Hell’s Martyrs’.

Interview: Primordial (Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill)

One of my wildest dreams a few years ago was to someday be able to talk with the man whose voice made my spine shiver and my eyes water when I was listening to “Heathen Tribes” or “Coffin Ships”. Well, somebody pinch me because that day is here! Iconic frontman of “Primordial”, man of many talents and cultural references and in general earth shaker and awe inspirer, Allan Averill a.k.a “Nemtheanga”, finds the time during touring to speak to Metalpaths webzine for many hot topics and personal thoughts, as well as for the upcoming shows of Primordial with Mael Mordha in Athens and Thessaloniki. Enjoy!