Royal Hunt has issued the following update about beginning the recording process for a new studio album:

“Royal Hunt are entering the very final stages of preproduction for their new – tenth since their debut in 1991 – studio album (the actual recordings will start by the end of this month). This time the band decided to revisit their roots and incorporate some of the musical values of the 70’s into their songwriting as well as – in order to reinforce that particular atmosphere – employing mostly “retro” means of production (recording in analogue format exclusively being one of them).

Music has been described as “an interesting mix of what’s been tagged as Classic Rock nowadays (established by Kansas, Genesis, ELP..s earlier works and Deep Purple, Uriah Heep..s classics from the same era) and Royal Hunt..s trademark composition/delivery”.

The album is expected to be mixed/mastered sometime during the summer.

“A few more songs from the past albums uploaded to our MySpace page – enjoy!”