Moonspell, The Foreshadowing, Eleine// Kyttaro Live Stage, Athens, Greece // 09.10.2016

The Greek audience is in love with some bands and it never misses the opportunity to show them that exact love. One of those bands is MOONSPELL. With no greater chance for showing our love other by packing “Kyttato Live Stage” almost at full, to watch their live show once more.

The night begun very promising with Swedish ELEINE. A band that plays symphonic metal with female and some brutal vocals. I can say, for sure, that all eyes were drawn upon Eleine herself and her beauty, but she made sure for us to see, that her voice is of equal beauty. Musically, balancing between symphonic and heavy, I think we will hear from that band again in the near future. Performing with passion and giving their best, they made us smile and head bang, to their songs. I also loved Rikard’s harsh vocals, this guy nailed it for sure!


After the required on stage changes and half an hour later, the time had come for THE FORESHADOWING, to hit the stage. A band from Italy, with a new album “Seven Heads, Ten Horns” in their armory and with some of the greatest music, I’ve ever heard from a gothic/doom band. I really loved their music. The pain, the sorrow, the horror, all these were in front of us, to watch! In their forty minute set, they mostly played songs from their latest effort, but not forgetting their previous releases, as well. The only thing that it didn’t fit to me well in some points were the vocals. I know that singing only clean, differentiates you from the mob, but in my opinion some brutal vocals, were surely needed. Other than that, I don’t think that anybody didn’t have a good time. The band was musically over the top and with an amazing sound as a support, they definitely gave us a great show.


Now what can I say for these Portuguese werewolves? This was the fourth time I’ve attended a MOONSPELL show and they still never disappointed me or anyone, that was present. It’s pointless to say, if they played good or bad. If they performed great or not. This band is a well-oiled machine, but with tones of passion and love for the Greek fans (something that the imposing Fernando Ribeiro mentioned many times). “Breath” and “Extinct” were the opening songs. A not so strong start for me.


Ok, I know they have to play songs from their latest release and I accept it, but I can resist saying once more, that regardless my love for them, I didn’t like much “Extinct”. “Night Eternal”, “Opium” and “Awake” came next and there we lost track of time. What came next up until their encore and tremendous “Full Moon Madness” was like a five minute song. Surprisingly “Scorpion Flower” was not played but our very own, Maxi Nil, came on stage and alongside Fernando they sang “Luna”, one of the most beautiful songs, this band has ever composed. Though it might read typical, Maxi nailed it, and her voice matches amazingly with Fernando’s. “Alma Mater”, “Ruin And Misery”, “Everything Invaded” (personal favorite), “The Last Of Us”, “Vampiria” and “The Future Is Back” were some of the songs they played (not in order). Almost two hours later, MOONSPELL, was leaving the stage, with a band greeting goodnight, leaving us with a big smile.

If I had to give a name for that night, it would be passion. Passion, from all three bands alongside with good music and good company. What more the hell, could someone ask after such a live show? Thank you once more you crazy Portuguese!

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