Hanoi Rocks have never been a band that filled me with enthousiasm and certainly I didn’t consider them worthy of respect. Sleaze and Glam fans certainly would throw me into the fire for this opinion of me, but as the saying says “There’s no accounting for taste”. For all that I’ll try to be objective.

Street Poetry is as we can say an attempt of the band to travel us to glamorous punk of an age long gone by. Rock ‘n’ Roll, party mood, and street songs. Generally all is well. Good played songs, warm production. Well, all that is missing is inspiration and that unfortunately has a result, mediocrity.

A Rock ‘n’ Roll album of 45 minutes, in my opinion, should keep you stretched, not put you to sleep. You should be able to sing along with its choruses from the first listening, not be bored while listening to it.

Nevertheless… As I’ve already said before “There’s no accounting for taste”

Track List Line Up
01. Hypermobile
02. Street Poetry
03. Fashion
04. Highwire
05. Power of Persuation
06. Teenage Revolution
07. Worth Your Weight In Gold
08. Transcendental Groove
09. This one’s for Rock n Roll
10. Powertrip
11. Walking Away
12. Tooting Star
13. Fumblefoot and Busy Bee
Michael Monroe – vocals
Andy McCoy – guitar
Conny Bloom – guitar
Andy “A.C” Christell – bass
Lacu – drums