Primal fear is one of the few bands playing Heavy Metal in the traditional way nowadays without being graphic. The basic core of the band consists of veterans from the German school, Ralf Sheepers (ex Gamma Ray) and Matt Sinner (Sinner). Within almost a decade they have given us some excellent Heavy Metal moments basically as Accept and Judas Priest concerned.

I have to confess that their transcription to Frontiers surprised me a bit because we’re talking about one of the most important Hard n Heavy companies today and the names of Journey, ToTo and Winger are connected with it, groups that their music have nothing to do with Primal Fear’s style. What also surprised me was the guest appearance of the ethereal Simone Simons of Epica, in a very beautiful duet.

As the previous are concerned, I did not know what else to expect because my eyes have seen a lot and my ears have heard even more. Definitely, though, what we have here is not a covered poser thing, or an after-modern symphonic disc. What we do have is a disc with high music quality since all Primal Fear’s characteristics are present. What I am talking about is the beautiful composition, concert feeling, perfect playing and strong-clear production. The duet with Simone is definitely away from the group’s style but it fills beautifully the disc and gives as a nostalgia feeling.

It’s absolutely sure that fans of this specific idiom will love New Religion. The ones that want to listen to something new should spend their time somewhere else.

Track List Line Up
01. Sign Of Fear
02. Face The Emptiness
03. Every Time It Rains (Feat. Simone Simons)
04. New Religion
05. Fighting The Darkness
06. Blood On Your Hands
07. The Curse Of Sharon
08. Too Much Time
09. Psycho
10. World On Fire
11. The Man That I don’t Know
Ralf Sheepers: vocals
Matt Sinner: bass
Stefan Leibing: guitars
Henry Wolter: guitars
Randy Black: drums