Justice is done. This gem of US Epic / Progressive Metal that was originally released back in 1992 as cassette album only 500 copies is finally re-released officially on CD.

Longings Past the main band / musical vision of vocalist / guitarist / composer James Shellberg started after the breakup of his previous band Enchanter.

The main concept behind Longings Past from Jackson, Michigan, USA, was the total creative freedom that would give birth to a special unique musical style combining Shellberg’s various musical influences together with a melodic, deep and mysterious musical approach to Heavy Metal under complex and technical musical structures.

“Meadows Of Maseilya” is part one of a two-part opus. The overall theme of the album is the classic, “Good Vs. Evil.” There is one main character that would also appear in the second part of the concept called “An Angel’s Tale” which is actually the second Longings Past album. His name is Moorenious. The two albums catalog his entire life, from birth -he was born in the Meadows of Marseilya- until his reign begins as Guardian of the Universe.

Musically the album can be described as a strange mirror. If we look at it we would discover many musical influences coming from James Shellberg’s world, you see he has composed the entire album brining influences from Rush, Fates Warning and Iron Maiden, letting his love for Jazz and Progressive Rock to fill the musical landscape as well. Every time we would look to this musical mirror we would discover something new cause the music of the album is a real adventure. It is the finest Epic Metal you could ever imagine offered under a Progressive structure. It is complex and technical but still so memorable, familiar and into the point.

It is mysterious, strange and beautiful but still carries a great force into the riffing. Beautiful interludes, acoustic breakings and melodic musical bridges make the final result even more wonderful. You can add to all this the magnificent voice of Mr. Shellberg that becomes narrative from time to time bringing the story in the center of our souls. A narrative structure marks the entire album as well that should be listened at once from the beginning until the end in order its beauty and atmosphere to be totally transferred to the listener.

Now that this jewel is released officially you can add it next to some of the most important records in Metal history, releases of Warlord (Deliver Us), Adramelch (Irae Melanox), Crimson Glory (Transcendence), Rainbow (Rising), Manowar (Into Glory Ride), Candlemass (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus), Fates Warning (Awaken The Guardian) Well if you love those records then “Meadows Of Maseilya” is 100% for you.

It is obvious that Longings Past was a band of artistic freedom at ALL times that wasn’t going to get involved with the popular vote of the times. They have offered a special piece of art that leaves behind the well known standards and reaches a new universe of beauty ad inspiration.

This is the ultimate soundtrack for the very chosen few explorers of the deep, unknown and magical treasure of music, for that last believers of romantic and forgotten tales of the ultimate and only truth, for the keepers of the flame waiting the final battle between Good and Evil, for those that let the music floods into their souls and not their ears.

The Longings Past saga has not finished yet as there is still a more anthem to be re released and probably a new album to be made as Longings Past members are still hungry for heaven…

Track List Line Up
01. A Prelude To Sorcery
02. Peak Of Almaysia
03. Warming Embers
04. The Dream Catcher
05. Meadows Of Maseilya
06. Dawn’s Eternal Mist
07. Upon A Dragon’s Wings
James Shellberg – Vocals
Keith Brown – Guitar
Jon Sayles – Bass
Jerrad Miller – Drums