When Ministry mainman and soul Al Jourgensen announced that the ”See You LaTour” was going to be the last tour of the band, many of us (including me of course)were sad enough to know that we won’t be able to enjoy more future releases. On the one hand,we are all obliged to put up with the fact that Ministry is no more. On the other hand though, Al didn’t leave us complained this time (for once more i should add) and he releases this live cd (which will soon be accompanied by the same dvd) that catches the band’s raw energy live in their last days of their career. It varies a lot compared to previous Ministry live albums (”In Case You Felt Like Showing Up” and ”Sphinctour”).

The main difference is that the songs contained here are from the last 3 albums exclusively (”Houses of the Mole”,”Rio Grande Blood” and ”The Last Sucker”). Maybe this is why i think that something is missing here. Of course,the last 3 albums of Ministry are nothing but godly, but noone would complain if there was a wider variation and songs from more albums were included here.

The diehards may find this annoying, however we must state that the band sounds tight like a well worked unit and the energy is fully exposed,despite the strange production. It has been a dream of ages to many people seeing Ministry performing live, so we must consider lucky ones those who achieved this goal. For those of us that will never see them live, the only thing remained to do is just sit and enjoy this release which will probably be the band’s swansong(although noone can be sure with crazy Al). I would give much bigger rating here if there were some classics of the past and if the sound was better.

Taking for granted that each Ministry live was worth a 10, this one with what is referred above, gets only…

Track List Line Up
01. Let’s Go
02. Watch Yourself
03. Life is Good
04. The Dick Song
05. The Last Sucker
06. No W
07. Waiting
08. Worthless
09. Wrong
10. Rio Grande Blood
11. Senor Peligrio
12. Lieslieslies
13. Khyber Pass
Al Jourgensen – vocals
Sin Quirin – guitar
Tommy Victor – guitar
Tony Campos – bass
John Bechdel – keyboards
Aaron Rossi – drums