This release is really strange. I am talking about Sybreed from Switzerland, a band that confused me a lot but in the end, they attracted my attention. When I saw this release was signed from Listenable Records, i was happy because I still remember my first meeting with the company, buying the first Soilwork albums. If you imagine where the band is today, you can’t help but stating that the guys in the company see a lot further than just signing a band.

As far as Sybreed are concerned now, the band plays industrialized metal, with many looks in gothic sounds, they combine heaviness with some loops but still after all, the result is rather interesting. It’s like listening a mixture of Fear Factory with Deathstars but they don’t sound so cold, I don’t know if I could use the words emotional industrial here, but that’s what comes to my mind.

”The Pulse Of Awakening” is their third full length (they also have an ep) and it lasts about 63 minutes. The good thing is that despite the twelve songs, there is something that keeps you close to it, it doesn’t make you feel bored, I can state it is pleasant to listen to, and it is also very trippy, I found myself wondering a lot of things while listening to it. So, maybe it is also food for thought. Sybreed is not at all the traditional metal band you would dream about, if you are a thrasher or you need riffs to mangle your mind. It is something different in a time where not so many different bands exist. They are modern, they sound futurish and they like it. At least they are honest in what they do and they don’t try to pass themselves like the new heavy metal saviors like many others manage to.

In conclusion, I must be very careful to this review, since I really liked them a lot, it is not something to listen continuously to speak the truth, on the other hand, I liked the overall feeling of their musical vibe. I would recommend them to fans that want to experiment to their musical horizons and want to add something else to their tastes. I must also try to balance between my taste and my ears’ adjustment to several kinds of metal, to the ones of a middle fan whose attention is not easily attracted. So, the rating although it should be higher to me, it is also an effort to bring it closer to you like a form of warning.

Track List Line Up
01. Nomenklatura
02. A.E.O.N.
03. Doomsday Party
04. Human Black Box
05. KillJoy
06. I Am Ultraviolence
07. Electronegative
08. In The Cold Light
09. Lucifer Effect
10. Love Like Blood
11. Meridian A.D.
12. From Zero To Nothing
Ben – Vocals
Thomas (aka Drop) – Guitar, Programming
Kevin Choiral – Drums
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